knowledge delivery for research and agriculture


 Knowledge delivery from research to agriculture


Emma Leonard, proprietor of AgriKnowHow, has always had a passion for agriculture, innovation and best management practice. 

In management roles in demonstration and research dairies in the UK, she quickly learnt the importance of the clear communication of research findings to help farmers extract the practical value from this work.

On moving to Australia she joined the communications team of the CRC for Soil and Land Management and later joined Jon Lamb Communications.

Since starting AgriKnowHow in 2002, she has worked from a farm in South Australia. Consequently, she understands the challenges of working remotely and the limitations of patchy mobile reception and satellite broadband.
She is in touch with modern farming practices and land managers and speaks their language.

She believes in life long learning and playing an active part in her community and volunteers locally.

"Their is no such thing as a silly question - 

asking and answering questions, giving it a go and making mistakes are how we learn."

She is now adding to her 30 years experience communicating technical information to agricultural and horticultural audiences by 

studying for a PhD at the University of New England, NSW, with support from the Food Agility Cooperative Research Centre.

Qualifications and awards include: 

BSc Agriculture (Hons) - University of Plymouth,  
Nuffield Farming Scholar (UK) and Churchill Fellow (UK), 
Associate of the Royal Agricultural Societies (UK).

AgriKnowHow is proud to have worked with many clients for over 10 years.